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How technology has revitalised our industry

23 Oct 2014

When I first started in the industry, organising events was a labour-intensive affair. As an events manager for a major London institution I remember only too clearly registrations coming in by fax, long nights manually checking registration lists and printing and stuffing badges. Latter when I became a venue finding agent our primary tool for finding venues in unfamiliar cities was huge paper based directories or even that long gone dinosaur the yellow pages.

Today, technology has transformed the events industry beyond recognition. We now take for granted the ability to register delegates online or for exhibitors to scan badges, and accept as normal the ability to send out personalised communications to our target audience and establish online relationships with participants before, during and after an event. On the venue finding front there are so many perhaps to many web directories, though perhaps like the rival search engines they will all be swallowed by google. Unchanging is the importance of personal relationships. At the end of the day each event is a one off event, the success of the event whatever that means to you will be dependent on people. No machine can accurately tell you how likely they are to step up to the plate and deliver, that is where experience & knowledge comes in, that is where we come in.

The changes in technology are continuing at breakneck speed, which is what makes this such an incredibly exciting sector. Mobile technology, for example, means that people can register easily and quickly from their smartphone while speakers, exhibitors and delegates can engage with one another via a range of applications and connect with their social networks with just one click. Within in the venue itself we have twitter boards, webcasting (in itself with infinite varieties) podcasting, vodcasting etc etc.

We have a handy pack outlining all the various webcasting and podcasting options available in most UK venues contact us for details.

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