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Sustainable Venues

Through our close relationships with leading sustainable venues, we at The Venue Booker can help you to run an inspiring event!

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"I want to make London one of the world's greenest cities. It will be a city in which the air is clean and where our fantastic green spaces become even better. I will also build a world-leading economy in low-carbon technologies and industries to ensure London becomes a beacon of sustainability."

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Venues with Green Values

When you care about the environment, it's good to know that the UK now has a wealth of sustainable event spaces. These venues have been independently audited, ISO 20121 is now standard. This sustainability certificate is recognised by the events industry around the world. London also has 122 hotels, venues and conference centres in the Green Tourism Scheme.

Green Venues

Eco-friendly Venues

Venues are always looking for new ways to cut their carbon emissions and be more environmentally friendly. Many have put in place things like paperless offices, eco-friendly lighting, natural ventilation and using local suppliers. Other ideas include reducing food and drink packaging and planting trees. To learn how green a venue is, ask for its Display Energy Certificate rating.

The Venue Booker

Pollution-Cutting Transport

Delegate travel is the biggest part of an event's carbon footprint. Thankfully, public transport system offers endless opportunities for greener travel. For starters, you can save on air miles and arrive in London on the high-speed rail network, Eurostar. A Eurostar journey emits 80% less carbon than a similar short-haul flight. With frequent services from Paris and Brussels, the journey takes just over two hours. From the station delegates can use our electric and hydrogen-powered buses, walk, cycle, or use the Tube and rail services.

Green Transport

Supporting Green Enterprise

With its Green Enterprise Districts, the UK is a world leader in low-carbon energy. The Green Fund is another scheme to boost our low-carbon economy. It offers financial incentives to eco-friendly businesses and works with business to reduce their carbon emissions.

Green Enterprise

Our Stand-out London Sustainable Venues

Here are three fabulous sustainable venues that we regularly work with. In the last couple of years we have booked events for The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, RSA House and Friends House at these stand-out sustainable London venues.

For help with finding and booking a sustainable venue in London, or across the country, for your next event contact us. Our service is completely FREE and we can negotiate rates that are less than going to the venue direct.

Checklist For a Sustainable Event

By accurately planning your event, taking into consideration expected numbers, length of days and number of rooms to ensure best fit and minimal use of additional venues or unnecessarily extending the length of the event will all help your event be as sustainable as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


  • Check that your venue has a green policy
  • Check that your venue uses 100% accredited Green Power
  • Check that your venue is near public transport
  • Check that your venue has easy access for all types of people
  • Check that your venue adheres to the catering requirements listed below if catering is handled in-house
  • Check that your venue uses as much natural resource as possible. This includes natural light, water recycling and catchment and the use of fresh air
  • Check that your venue has air-conditioning that can be controlled in each room and activity and reduce the use of this during ‘down times’
  • Check that your venue actively implements changing linen procedures that reduce excess cleaning
  • Check that your management team works with the venue in reducing power and air-conditioning use when not required
  • Check that your venue has waste reduction procedures. There is a lot of waste management in venues that we event mangers don’t see and therefore don’t address


  • Ask to see the caterer's Green policy
  • Ensure your event uses water glasses and jugs, and does not use bottled or unnecessarily imported water
  • Ensure your event does not use individually wrapped items, such as mints, lollies, salt, pepper or sugar satchels
  • Ensure your caterer addresses the following areas with each menu and their business as a whole:
  • Fresh, local and in season organic food or food that is fair trade;
  • Uses minimum animal products (i.e. Meat) and clearly offer vegetarian options;
  • Uses fish selected from sustainable fish supplies;
  • Avoids use of plastic packaging, plastic bags & plastic bottles;
  • Provides reusable crockery and cutlery;
  • Offers reusable or recycled napkins;
  • Requires minimum transport to the venue.
  • Where disposable cups, plates and cutlery are absolutely required buy ones made from recycled fibres and corn starch that are recyclable
  • Has reviewed their cooking equipment and procedures to reduce excess equipment and increase efficiencies
  • Ensure your fridge units are used the minimal amount of time required and reduce the chilling of products in cardboard as that lengthens the chilling time
  • Encourage, educate and involve attendees in separating the waste into containers
  • Inform your attendees about these environmental initiatives so they can learn from it