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The Venue Booker – A FREE SERVICE! – How it works

2 Jun 20201m read

Booking a venue is completely free for the client, plus we will leverage our 25 + years of experience / deep knowledge of venues and market leading database to save you time and money. How does this work? Venues of all sizes pay us a commission of between 8% & 10% of invoice value for events we bring to them. They do this while guaranteeing to offer us the best available prices. This arrangement has been formalised by all of the industry bodies i.e. the Meetings Industry Association and the Hotel Booking Agents Association. This is very similar to how airlines pay travel agents, shops pay credit card companies etc. Venues offer this because agents bring them large volumes of business, typically over 65% of a venues business comes via intermediaries, a percentage which is growing. This has partially been driven by many corporate and government bodies now preferring to book via 3rd parties, so as to enforce and regularise purchasing policies. Secondly venue contracts are a minefield and non-comparable. According to a recent report in The Caterer magazine on average if takes 9 phone calls and 4 emails for a non-agent to book a conference, an agent typically cuts this down by 80%. Venues find it far more time efficient to deal with professional venue finding agencies rather than end users.

Add to this the fact that we operate a proprietorial database of over 50,000 venues worldwide. We have over 25 years’ experience of booking venues, we visit at least 3 venues a week. We can advise on a whole range of ancillary services be it hybrid events / delegate management etc. We know we offer a service which will save you time and money.

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