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The 10 best events to invite your clients to in 2023

8 Nov 20222m read

High-profile businesses have been inviting clients to events for decades, and there are plenty of reasons why. From increasing loyalty and fostering a community to boosting the hype around your company, it’s a fantastic marketing strategy. In the social age, when everything is recorded and shared, it could give your brand a huge visibility boost, too! But, how successful your event is all depends on where you invite your clients. Make sure you get it right with these top events of 2023. 

1. England vs Scotland at Twickenham – February

Rugby is a quintessentially British sport, and it doesn’t get much better than England pitted against Scotland in the Guinness Six Nations. Held at the world-famous Twickenham ground, this is a day that will be filled with anticipation and rivalry! The match also determines which side will win the Calcutta Cup, making it a game of great importance.

2. Cheltenham Festival Ladies Day – March

Why not show the women who support your business just how much they mean to you by inviting them to Cheltenham Festival Ladies’ Day? By separating your events and targeting certain client groups, you can create even more exclusivity around the day. The prestigious connotations of Cheltenham and glamorous clientele are bound to impress, too, leaving a lasting mark on your ladies.

3. The Grand National – April

The Grand National is the epitome of the horse racing calendar. As event hosts Hospitality Finder rightly say, “We believe hospitality is all about entertainment, it’s about unforgettable, personal experiences”, and the Grand National ticks all of those boxes. Gain loyalty and build a high-class brand image by booking your clients a box.

4. Celine Dion in London – April

Celine Dion is a musical icon and much respected in the industry, making this a wonderful event if you have a slightly older clientele. It’s also a very fun show with a change of pace from sports, allowing your customers to let loose and enjoy an evening of music, drinks, and dancing. Whilst rugby and horse racing events are a popular choice for businesses, don’t underestimate the buzz that a good concert can create.

5. Manchester City vs Liverpool – April

Two of the greatest teams in British football, Manchester City and Liverpool, come head to head in April at the Etihad Stadium. These great rivals have been battling it out for the top spot across leagues for the past couple of years, so expect high-quality football and a competitive atmosphere. As one of the most in-demand games of the season, giving your clients premium tickets to this is bound to make an impression.

6. Royal Ascot – June

Royal Ascot opens up its world-famous grounds for a number of days in June for a month that’s packed with high-class horsing events. If you’re inviting clients, we recommend Saturday 24th, which marks the final and most important day. With superb hospitality on offer, exquisite outfits, and some of the best horse racing in the world, there really is something for everyone. Book a table at one of their exclusive spots, from The Lawn Club to The Gallery and create a day that’ll keep your brand in everyone’s minds.

7. Epsom Derby Festival – June

Epsom Derby will be hosting two events in June: Ladies’ Day and Derby Day. Both are excellent choices for hosting clients, and the refined atmosphere makes the perfect background for business. Whether you’re building loyalty or want to close a deal, having a table at either event is a smart move for your company.

8. Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium – June

For younger target audiences, Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium is a perfect choice. The British singer has been releasing hit after hit over recent years and is a social media icon. His lively, charismatic personality and catchy pop combine for an exceptional show. We’d recommend securing tickets to a premium area if your clients are either in their late teens or twenties, with younger generations bound to appreciate this millennial and Gen Z-friendly show.

9. F1 British Grand Prix – July

The 9th of July 2023 marks the F1 British Grand Prix Race Day, a notable event around the globe. With an adrenaline-fueled atmosphere and VIP hospitality, you don’t need to be an F1 fan to enjoy the day! It’s one of the most popular events for businesses, and the tangible buzz in the atmosphere is guaranteed to leave every client in a good mood.

10. Wimbledon Ladies Finals – July

The Wimbledon competition takes place across a number of days in July, but the finals are the must-have tickets for 2023. If you want to build a modern, gender-inclusive brand image, we recommend booking a table in one of the exclusive areas at the Ladies Finals. The talent in women’s tennis undoubtedly rivals the men’s and delivers just as many fast-paced, close-call matches. With rising British star Emma Raducanu in the running to make the final, it could be one of the biggest games in British women’s tennis history, so don’t miss out!

Source: Events Industry N|ews

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