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543 Trees Planted – 600 to go!

18 Nov 20202m read

As we reported back in June in conjunction with the Woodlands Trust we have reported 543 trees see HERE, this autumn with your help we will plant a further 600! We are aiming for:

Blackthorn:                         50

Hawthorn:                          50

Sea Buckthorn:                  20

Small-leaved Lime:           10

Sycamore:                           100

At the venue booker we specialise in booking venues and managing events for organisations who pride themselves on their sustainable policies see here. We are talking to venues and clients all day every day. The world of venue booking is getting ever more complicated: rates are varying enormously with venues struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Contracts are becoming ever more complicated, with coronavirus clauses, variable deposits etc. Many venues have not yet opened, its difficult to get people to answer emails etc. We can and will save you time and money.

If you know of any venues which you think should be listed in our site, please reach out to them and ask them to list, here is the link which will allow them to list. There are three good reasons why venues should list on our site:

  • As above we will plant a tree for each venue listed.
  • It will make it far easier for us to book business into your venue, last year we booked well over 300 events up and down the country
  • It will increase your venue’s visibility on the internet, google and other search engines, rank sites partially in the basis of how many inbounds links they have, this will increase your links.

If you are searching for conference rooms or meeting venues anywhere in the UK or beyond look no further than the venue booker, we have the strongest environment credentials of any venue finding agency, see here.

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If you are looking for a venue, whatever your requirements, we can help save you time and money. Simply send us your brief and our experienced team of venue finders will do the rest.

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