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The Venue Booker, the Community of Community Venues.

19 Aug 20202m read

At the Venue Booker we offer the largest most active selection of community venues available anywhere! This is a vital sector that needs sustaining. Help us build a thriving active community of venues referring business to each other, together we are stronger than the individual parts.

If you have any bookings which you cannot accommodate for whatever reason, you are closed, they are to large, to small etc etc, please refer them to us, we will then send them to other suitable community venues. By retaining the enquiries within a virtuous circle, we will build trust from our users and turnover (revenue) for the venues listed on our site.

There are a number of practical reasons why this will work for yourselves:

  • For each enquiry referred we will either plant a tree or donate £5 to a charity of your choice, regardless of whether it ends up confirming or not.
  • We are committed to this sector, for all events referred to us we levy a commission only if it actually takes place of 5%, this is half of the standard commission rate and reflects our desire to support and sustain the sector.
  • If you wish we will always feedback to yourselves the eventual outcome of the enquiry, it will not be lost in the system.
  • By keeping your enquiries within a community, we have built and sustain this community, together we will all be stronger.

If you venue is already listed on our site, THANK YOU, if it isn’t please do list it HERE. Listing will help in a number of ways:

  • It will help us refer business to you, at the moment we are seeing a rising number of enquiries (albeit from a relatively low base)
  • It will help build your online presence, the more links there are to yourselves on the internet the higher your rankings on various search engines, google etc.
  • We are committed to creating a community of community venues, through listing we can build this community.


  • Definition of a community venue – public venue where members of the community meet together, this could be a church hall, a village hall, or a more venue of a more commercial nature, what’s important is that the space is used by members of the public.

At the venue booker we are talking to clients and venues all day every day. In this era of ever more complicated contracts, (coronvirus cancellation clauses etc) diverging rates SEE HERE, hybrid and virtual events SEE HERE. It is more important than ever to know what is going on in the industry, get in touch for all or any advice.

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