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Oceandiva is Now in London!

1 Jun 20232m read

Oceandiva has been one of the most anticipated venues people have been waiting for.  The over £25m investment vessel has now arrived in London.

Hospitality management company, Smart Group, confirmed the arrival of Oceandiva London into the capital.

The vessel is now docked in the Royal Docks where it will complete a 1.8m fit-out, procedure of testing, and regulatory approvals.

Sustainable events space

Oceandiva London is aiming to become the most sustainably advanced, carbon-neutral ship on the River Thames, set to “revolutionise” London’s hospitality sector.

The vessel continues to appeal as it is the first passenger vessel to receive a Platinum Label Green Award given by The Green Award, a voluntary quality assessment certification scheme that examines and certifies ships.

It is capable of 100% sustainable operation through its power system and energy strategy, Oceandiva London also uses charging shore-based renewable energy, and a backup biofuel generator.

Next steps

Smart Group is set to launch a pilot programme of events, which intends to support its consultation and development of new plans.

As part of its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, Smart Group will also launch a new corporate social responsibility programme.

Chloe Jackson, managing director, Smart Group, commented: “Our commitment to consultation with the communities in which we will operate is a top priority, and we are excited to work together to create a project that benefits London and everyone in the community.”

The vessel will be in full service from June 2023.

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