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Nottingham Venues Starts Mental Health First Aid Team

25 May 20232m read

Our venue finding team is very happy with Nottingham Venues’ commitment to their organisation’s mental health as they have formed a mental health first aid team.

Nottingham Venues is proud to announce that it has formed a new mental health first aid team within the business. The initiative aims to build awareness of the importance of good mental health and offer support to colleagues who might be experiencing mental health problems.

A team of 12 people from a variety of roles within the organisation has gone through mental health first aid training created to provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to help colleagues and possibly guests. The training was managed and accredited by MHFA England. A range of topics, such as identifying someone struggling with mental health and how to guide people towards professional support if needed.

If you are searching for a venue; that takes care of your event and ensures your emotional well-being is good, you are in good hands with Nottingham Venues.

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