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Italy is now open for British Visitors

3 Jun 20201m read

The Italian Tourist Board has announced that, from 3 June, British visitors will be able to travel to Italy without quarantine restrictions.

Flavio Zappacosta, ITB Manager for UK and Ireland said: “The tourism industry is one of Italy’s key economy drivers so it is with utmost importance that we open for business as soon as it is safe to do so. We know how popular Italy is for Brits and hope we can inspire them to start to plan and book an Italian holiday this year.”

From 18 May, Italy started to significantly open up following the Covid-19 outbreak, with museums, attractions, parks, gardens, bars, pubs, restaurants and ice cream shops opening for business. A week later, gyms, swimming pools and sports centres opened as well. All establishments must comply with a strict set of guidelines and protocols, with social distancing in place at all times. Beach resorts have also opened and are following the new guidelines to ensure the safety of those visiting.

From 15 June, theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other outdoor spaces will be opening in the UK. Performances will be held under the condition that staff and spectators follow social distancing measures, with pre-assigned and spaced seats in indoor venues. Outdoor shows will allow a maximum of 1,000 spectators and indoor performances will allow a maximum of 200 people.

All those in Italy, including visitors to the country, must wear a mask in enclosed spaces, including public transport and anywhere where they may not be able to exercise social distancing.

SOURCE: Conference & Meetings World

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