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How AI is Impacting & Improving Events

13 Apr 20236m read

As one of the UK’s leading venue finding agencies,  we see one of our roles is to inform our clients about changes in the industry, none come bigger than the likely impact of AI on the conference and meeting industry.

What exactly is AI? The term artificial intelligence refers to any computer, robot or other machine that is able to mimic and carry out the problem-solving capabilities of a human. It’s a form of technology that replaces human labour with a mechanical equivalent, which might sound kind of creepy, but can in fact carry many benefits.

When it comes to the events industry, AI is being used to enhance every step of the event planning process. From improving communication and creating a more personalised customer experience, to using AI for

More personalised events

event data in order to enhance learnings, artificial intelligence can be a hugely valuable tool for planners looking to get the most out of their event.

We live in a world where people want and expect ever more personalised experiences. Think targeted advertising to curated Spotify playlists, our data is being harvested all the time in order to feed us the most relevant content possible. The same logic applies to events.

AI is being used to figure out exactly what people want from an event based on key information. For example if you have been searching at work for best ways for your company to target company treasurers who manage more then 10M, if an event doesn’t already exist to make this introduction then someone is likely to make one and target this audience.

No longer will organisers have to guess what works.

Very different marketing of events

In the old days organisers used to mail out brochures to likely clients, often using bought in databases or associations would simply email their members. This is changing, and the introduction of AI into the online advertising space will turbo charge this. As above more niche events more niche marketing, the days of mass mailings are long gone.

Increased levels of engagement

Better personalisation is likely to result in higher levels of engagement. Event planners who are able to create tailored, interactive experiences as well as better networking opportunities are much more likely to see increased engagement.

This can be measured in a variety of ways, but higher attendance, more meaningful conversations generated and increased respondent feedback are all examples of customer engagement.

More networking opportunities

If you’re hosting a networking event, then AI is a crucial tool that can benefit both the host and the attendees. In fact, many people attend events for the sole purpose of meeting meaningful contacts in their industry, so ensuring that relevant people are in attendance is crucial.

There is still huge value in meeting the random colleague in the coffee queue, until you meet people you don’t know for sure if they are the ideal collaborator / client / supplier etc. Randomness is invaluable especially when combined with AI, the latter allows you to target those you feel you really need to meet, it bring AI to online dating.

Improved communication

Chatbots are a popular form of AI that are increasingly being utilised by event planners. Although they certainly have their limits, chatbots can be useful at answering simple FAQs for attendees before an event. Things like: when does the event start? Will there be food at the event? How do I book a session? This can help free up time for event organisers who can then divert their attention to more important things.

Another way AI can help improve communication is by removing language barriers at events. Translation programmes might not be flawless, but they go a huge way to encouraging a more diverse range of people to attend your event, and eliminate the need for a translator in some instances, too.

Reduced costs

Using AI reduces the need to employ a human to do the same job, which can be hugely beneficial if budget is a limiting factor for you. It might seem slightly counterintuitive removing the need for human interaction at an event, which are occasions arguably built on people and conversations, but AI simply allows you to focus on the roles you absolutely need people for, while giving you more time to create the best possible experience for your guests. It also helps to increase efficiency and reduce workload in one fell swoop.

Better feedback and analysis

Ultimately, AI allows event planners to collect a substantial and diverse array of data to better understand the impact of their event. Data collected from registration forms, chatbots and feedback surveys can be hugely significant in helping planners to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and optimise for future events. More data means better learnings for next time, so you can constantly improve your events to cater for the needs of your audience.

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