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Help UKRAINE!- They Need Us

3 Mar 20222m read

At The Venue Booker we are desperately worried about the situation in Ukraine, not least because we have colleagues from both the Ukraine and Russia. We want to help in some small way so we are asking all our clients,  our friends, colleagues, anybody that can, where possible, to follow the link below in order to donate directly to the British Red Cross’s Ukraine appeal.

Ukraine Crisis Appeal | British Red Cross

The Ukraine Crisis appeal is about supporting and protecting the people in Ukraine who are losing their homes and lives.

Your donation can help the people who are affected to get food, water, first aid, medicines, warm clothes and shelter.

Please help the people of Ukraine get through this crisis, every little bit can make a difference.

The British Red Cross is a great charity to donate your money to especially with the Ukraine crisis, since they are a global voluntary movement. They have already helped Ukraine a lot with distributing 30,000 food and hygiene parcels, this is more of a reason to get behind British Red Cross Ukrainian appeal.

You can be one of  these people who support this great cause and the British Red Cross teams been providing first aid training to 1000 in metro stations and bomb shelters, here is more information on the Red Cross Response. We even have a video from a Ukraine Red Cross Volunteer.

“Extremely worrying news from Ukraine where millions are at risk of deadly consequences.”

Dominik Stillhart

ICRC Director of Operations

Alternatively if you wish to donate directly please see below an email my colleague Lyuda sent out yesterday. She is sending money directly to people who are working on the ground in both the Centre and East of Ukraine.

“Dear colleagues,

As you all know the situation in Ukraine is now tragic and the whole country is desperate for supplies – Batteries, helmets, thermal cloths, blankets, medical supplies, flashlights, food, nappies, other essentials, duvets, pillows etc. I will be splitting funds sending some to my brother, who is volunteering in my hometown to set up bases for soldiers in the local school and helping the hospital. I will also be sending some of the funds to a friend who is helping the frontline in the East of Ukraine, she used to work on our catering team, Natalia.

If anyone would like to give a helping hand to people, my friends and my family in Ukraine, please do let me know? Donations can be made via Paypal – We are collecting any amounts, whatever you can spare…

Thank you

Lyuda “

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