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Fishmonger’s Hall boss praises staff bravery during terrorist attack

3 Dec 20192m read

The chief executive of Fishmongers’ Hall, Toby Williamson, has praised the bravery of his venue staff who intervened to stop a terrorist during an attack at the venue, 29 November. Two people, Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, lost their lives.

The Grade II* listed Livery Hall venue was attacked during a rehabilitation conference for 100 delegates. The attacker was an attendee at the event.

Speaking to the BBC, Williamson told how the venue’s chef, known only as Lukasz, suffered five wounds to his left-hand side as he fended off the attacker with a narwhal tusk, giving delegates the chance to escape.

Others venue staff grabbed makeshift weapons, such as a fire extinguisher, before chasing the fleeing attacker down a staircase and trapping him in the reception area.

In an interview with the BBC, Williamson said: “They [venue staff] took a decision, one that enough was enough. They were determined it wasn’t going to go on.

“They are two of the humblest people… but in the heat of the moment, people do extraordinary things. I am very proud to know them.

“There was a scream, there was blood. People thought it was an exercise at first.”

Two venue staff, known only Lukasz and Andy used, fire extinguishers, chairs and a narwhal tusk ripped from the wall to fight off the attacker, which fundamentally allowed the police to approach the attacker.

Conference News will be investigating the broader issue of event security.

Source: Conference News

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