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Events Industry has a Roadmap to Net Zero Events!

24 May 20221m read

Last year Cavendish Venues signed the Net Carbon Initiative as part of their quest to offer net zero events. Here at The Venue Booker we have the pleasure of sharing an extract of their draft Roadmap showing how they are reducing the carbon footprint of their events and thereby helping to decarbonising the events industry.

The Carbon Footprints of Events

The carbon footprint of events varies radically depending on event type, size and location. The larger the event and the further participants have to travel which will cause a large carbon footprint. However, different types of events create emissions in different ways and the amount varies from event to event.

Overview of the Roadmap

The Net Zero Roadmap for Events has been designed to offer a framework of consistency and collaborative action to be taken by events industry towards achieving the goal of Net Zero by 2050. It simultaneously provides a pathway for company progress to support signatories to the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, and others who wish to follow, as well as a framework for building industry-wide momentum across priority action areas.

The Company Pathway Vs Priority Action Areas

The Company Pathway sets out the process that companies should pursue to follow in their own net zero plans with suggested milestone years by which actions should be taken or progress should be made.

The Industry Priority Action Areas are the key topics where collaborative action, both within and outside the industry, is required for real progress to be made. Guidance is provided on what progress can be expected by the milestone years to support the development of initiatives and solutions.

Evolution Over Time

As momentum builds towards net zero, new commitments will be made and new solutions found. The reality is that in order to achieve net zero by 2050, we will depend on political and technologies innovations that have yet to be discovered. In addition, the quality and availability of data will improve and provide more robust insights into the pace and effectiveness of various decarbonisation actions across the events industry. It is expected, therefore, that this is 2022-2050 Roadmap will evolve as expectations and possibilities change as will the timescales, frameworks, and guidance within it.


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