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Do you need a venues finding agency?

22 Feb 2019

If you are pondering if a venue finding agency is more trouble than its worth, look no further. We have put together the brief guide below to help you make your mind up.

Evaluate internal resource

Do you have enough resource within your current team to juggle upcoming events and meetings with other ongoing projects? A venue finding agency can significantly reduce time spent by your internal resources in arranging events and booking venues, leaving you free to concentrate on your everyday tasks.

Determine current spend

Take a look at how much you currently spend on your meeting and conference venues, along with associated costs such as travel, food and drink. If you think you’re spending too much and not necessarily getting the best value, working with a professional could help save you money. Agencies work with venues every day so they know exactly how much things cost and know when venues are overcharging and what can be negotiated.

Consider time

How much time do you have dedicated to finding venues and planning your next event? Is it enough time to guarantee you have chosen the right venue? With research suggesting that as many as one in five PAs don’t take a lunch break, getting help with your venue finding could help save you precious time. The agency will take your brief and do all the venue searching and negotiating for you. Most agencies will turn around requests within less than 24 hours, saving you the time and effort of chasing up too.

Look at the success of previous venues/events

If the venues you have booked previously haven’t been up to scratch or you feel that your events are missing something, a venue finding agency can change this. With years of experience and knowledge of hundreds of venues, they are skilled at placing the right type of event at the most suitable venue. Plus, they will help you think outside the box – don’t just stick to conference centres and hotels, think museums, football stadiums and castles!


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