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Demand for Business Hotels and Conference Centres is Increasing Fast!

8 Sep 20212m read

UK business hotels and conference centres are in higher demand compared to Europe.

  • UK hotel bookings significantly outperforming the rest of Europe
  • Brighton & Edinburgh hotels busier than in the same period of 2019
  • Bristol / Glasgow / Manchester / Birmingham hotels not far behind
  • London hotel market outperforming other capital cities.

Hotel bookings in the UK have reached their highest level since the start of the pandemic, with bookings hitting 84.57% of 2019 levels, according to SiteMinder’s World Hotel Index, sourced from the company’s open hotel commerce platform, used by 35,000 hotels and connected to more than 400 hotel booking channels globally. The UK is significantly outperforming other European markets, ie g Portugal (82.48%), France (69.7%).

The UK’s coastal destinations have performed especially strongly this year, with hotel bookings in Brighton, for example, currently at 107.72% of 2019 levels—having surpassed pre-pandemic volumes on June 6, 2021, and peaked at 123.29% a few days later.

Edinburgh is another standout destination, sitting at 111.76% of 2019 bookings, while Bristol stands at 97.53% by the same measure. However, growth is also being experienced by destinations that have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including Glasgow (85.29%), Manchester (81.67%) and Birmingham (76.66%), all of which have, over the past week, enjoyed their highest volumes since the start of the pandemic. Hotel bookings in London also continue to grow and currently stand at 65.61% of 2019 levels – the highest since March 2020. This compares favourably to a number of European capitals, including Paris (53.28% of 2019 volumes), Amsterdam (53.24% of 2019 volumes) and Vienna (50.42% of 2019 levels).

A similar trend is being seen across the UK conference and meetings market, ie Manchester Central one of the UK’s leading venues has announced a 91% increase in enquiries see HERE, a similar trend has been noted by Cavendish Venues, who have reported that conference enquiry levels are very close to hitting an all time peak, see HERE

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