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Annual Survey places Event Co-Ordinator as 5th Most Stressful Job, just behind Police Officer!

29 Jul 2019

CareerCast’s annual ranking of Most Stressful Jobs (US) for 2018 lists “event coordinator” at number 5 — its same ranking as last year — with a stress score of 51.15. The number 1-ranked stressful job, “enlisted military personnel,” comes in at a stress score of 72.74

As we all know and are aware of in our industry, event planning is very stressful, what profession do you know of where the measure of success for event planners is set at 100-percent every time?

Event planners must be masters at managing projects, building relationships, developing best practices, managing budgets, coordinating logistics, setting agendas, overseeing F&B and procuring accommodations!

To everyone reading this blog, go and find an event planner and tell them how much you appreciate and respect what they do. And the next time things aren’t going smoothly, cut your event staff some slack, show some empathy and even offer help instead of complaining and whining.

To event planners everywhere, forward the article links in this blog to HR and your management; highlight your listing at number 5 and leverage it when you’re in annual reviews to justify a raise or bigger bonus. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Job Type/Stress Score

  1. Enlisted military personnel 72.74
  2. Firefighter 72.68
  3. Airline pilot 60.54
  4. Police officer 51.68
  5. Event coordinator 51.15
  6. Newspaper reporter
  7. Senior corporate executive
  8. Public relations executive
  9. Taxi driver
  10. Broadcaster

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