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A Beginners Guide to “Clean Eating” Conferences

25 Aug 2017


A beginners guide to ‘clean eating’ conferences – Conference News 

Content provided by Olympia London.

Caterers Levy Restaurants UK reveal why and how you should adopt the ‘clean eating’ trend into your next conference.

Craft coffee
Gone are the days where a cup of coffee was solely used as a jolt of energy to get you through the conference. Coffee is now commonly viewed as an experience, where people can learn about what’s in their cup, engaging consumers in the story of their drink. It’s about relationships, with coffee farmers, roasters and baristas all involved in the process. Make sure you buy new season harvests, ensuring that the coffee really is as fresh as possible.

Eat your greens
Many events will be adopting a ‘vegetable-forward’ philosophy, cutting back on meat and carbohydrate heavy menus, responding to a wider growing trend of conscious, healthy eating. An introduction of lighter options will keep your delegates energised throughout the day, avoiding the inevitable mid-afternoon conference lull, when sugar and concentration levels are at their lowest.

Mixing fusion with niche ingredients
While classic British dishes are still a favourite, we expect to see a lot more variety on offer, with dishes from the Middle East, the Mediterranean and South-East Asia appearing. Served in small quantities, these infusions of niche ingredients offer something a little different, whilst also leading the dining experience with a health conscious angle. The London Wellbeing Festival’s menu showcased Thai marinated rare beef, crispy seaweed salad and a variety of different sushi. Vegan and organic dishes are also ones to look out for this year.

Smoothies and juices
Requests for fresh juices and smoothies will continue to be important in the conference sector. Both are a great way of improving the clarity of everybody’s mind, maintaining focus and attention throughout the day. There is a lot to be said for fresh nutrients, helping to replenish the body with an abundance of antioxidants – ensuring your guests leave feeling energised and inspired.



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